Jan 14, 2020 · How to Clear Browsing History on Windows 10. Note: this guide is for Windows 10 users only. If you’re on an Apple Mac computer, see how to clear history on Mac. Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is the newer, faster, cooler replacement for Internet Explorer – or at least that’s how Microsoft wants us to view it.

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Clear your browsing history in Safari on Mac You can remove all records that Safari keeps of where you’ve browsed during a period of time you choose. If your Mac and your other devices have Safari turned on in iCloud preferences , your browsing history is removed from all of them. How to Delete Browser Search History in Windows 10 Computer You can click Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open a dialog box labeled Clear Recent History. In this dialog box, you would find various options that would prove to be useful to delete search history of Firefox. How To Check And Delete Your Windows 10 Activity History?

How To Check And Delete Your Windows 10 Activity History?