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Feb 09, 2020 DEATH AND DESTRUCTION — Because YouTube wack so I’d get But this is them, it was originally meant to be a just them drawing but then it turned into mini ref. Also new last name for Plum and Nectar. Kara and Dew belong to @duckstrashcan MQ Art Reference Sheet God I love Nectarines colours to much They're so niCE to lOOk aTTTTT The Dark Depths of YouTube Mar 25, 2013 Star Trek SDCC 2020 Panel Blocked On YouTube By Copyright 2 days ago · The first day of Comic-Con@Home has hit a roadblock, as YouTube's copyright system has blocked official panels, including a temporary takedown of the Star Trek panel. Due to coronavirus eliminating the ability to have large social gatherings this year, changes had to be made to San Diego Comic-Con, which is usually the biggest entertainment news event of the year.