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Name: netbios-ns: Purpose: NetBIOS Name Service: Description: UDP NetBIOS name query packets are sent to this port, usually of Windows machines but also of any other system running Samba (SMB), to ask the receiving machine to disclose and return its current set of NetBIOS names.

See the NetBIOS page for the history of NetBIOS. Protocol dependencies. UDP: Typically, NBNS uses UDP as its transport protocol. The well known UDP port for NBNS traffic is 137. TCP: NBNS can also use TCP as its transport protocol for some operations, although this might never be done in practice. The well known TCP port for NBNS traffic is 137.

TCP port 139 is SMB over NETBIOS. NETBIOS is a transport layer protocol designed to use in Windows operating systems over the network. TCP 445 is SMB over IP. This is a newer version where SMB can be consumed normally over the IP networks. Check If Port 137,138,139 and 445 Is Open What is an SMB Port + Ports 445 and 139 Explained Jun 10, 2020 The problem with NetBIOS - TechRepublic The issue is the apparent requirement that we open NetBIOS ports through the SSL VPN device so SMS can communicate with its client-side agents. Repeated discussions with Microsoft haven’t turned NetBIOS Enumeration - Technical Navigator Basics NetBIOS provides us Commutation in LAN(local area network). generally, NetBIOS work on port- 137(UDP), 138(UDP), 139(TCP) I think only windows have NetBIOS services. All the higher version from Windows 2000, have the NetBIOS service. NetBIOS can show you a lot of information about a Windows machine. and always remember that NetBIOS isn’t a protocol, […]