StartPage Private Search for Android - Free download and - Βικιπαίδεια Το Startpage είναι μια μηχανή αναζήτησης του Διαδικτύου, η οποία υπογραμμίζει ως βασικό της χαρακτηριστικό την ιδιωτικότητα. Ήταν προηγουμένως γνωστή ως η μηχανή μετα-αναζήτησης Ixquick, και η Startpage ήταν τότε μια εναλλακτική What is Ixquick (StartPage)? - Ryte Wiki Ixquick was a meta search engine belonging to the Dutch company Surfboard Holding B.V. In 2016, it was merged with Startpage, which was previously a variant service. Similar to DuckDuckGo and Qwant, but unlike Google, Ixquick did not store any user-related data. Therefore, it was described as the “the world's most private search engine.” – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre é um motor de busca baseado em Nova York e na Holanda. [2] Fundado por David Bodnick em 1998, pertence a uma empresa holandesa, Surfboard Holding BV, que adquiriu a mesma no ano 2000. [3] também fornece um serviço de proxy, chamado Ixquick Proxy, que foi incorporado no motor de busca Startpage, permitindo aos usuários a opção de …

StartPage by Ixquick This search engine protects your privacy by not recording your IP address, has a high SSL encryption score, and has received seals and certifications in the privacy industry. Since the search results you receive from StartPage come from Google Search, the basic differences are appearance and settings.

Jul 07, 2009 Unterschied Zwischen Ixquick Duckduckgo und Startseite Der Unterschied zwischen Ixquick Duckduckgo und Startpage hängt somit von diesen einzigartigen Merkmalen ab. Duckduck hat eine eigene Suchmaschine, während Ixquick zehn Suchmaschinen verwendet und die Startseite die Google-Suchmaschine verwendet.

Startpage by Ixquick - The world's most private search engine

StartPage & IxQuick. | Vivaldi Forum My default search engine has been DDG for many years, but today i decided to play around with StartPage & IxQuick to see if either might be worth changing to instead [side-note; yes i know that notionally these are supposed to be identical these days, but there must be still some differences somehow, coz SP found an extra page of hits for my test search string than did IxQ, with same settings]. DuckDuckGo, Startpage and Ixquick search engines are doing Dec 09, 2015