Well I can tell my experience, when I install a wireless network I use my Switch layer 3 as DHCP server, I created an SVI interface for instance: You create a new VLAN 10 with ip address. Then you have a dynamic interface in your WLC mapped to VLAN 10 with ip address

If the IP Address is not, then report the address for further instructions. Otherwise, go to Network Connections (ie via the Control Panel or by right clicking on icons in the Notification Acquiring Network Address constantly | Tech Support Jan 12, 2008 Wireless connection stuck on "acquiring network address Mar 21, 2007 Stuck on acquiring network address - Wireless

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Re: stuck on "acquiring network address", "renewing ip address" Give both laptops a Static IP address (Manually assigning a address) to each laptop ex. give your 1st laptop and 2nd Wireless Connection stuck on "Acquiring Network Address It detects the wireless network and attempts to connect but is stuck ceaselessly on "Acquiring Network Address". If I right click and hit Repair it then gets stuck forever on "Renewing IP Address Solved: Wireless stuck on "Acquiring network address Oct 22, 2011