How can I print wirelessly from a computer using a

Can i connect another router to my smart hub? - BT Community I have another isp's router connected to my main router. Turn off the routing function and change the ssid on the second router and it works perfectly. An extra WiFi access point and … Connect A computer to another computer wireless Can't direct connect 2 computer with ethernet [ 6 Answers ] Hey I have 4 computers connect to the net using my router I was told to connect another computer I would have to direct connect with ethernet cable anyway I done that and I can share files trough network places but for some reason I cannot acess net on the 5th computer can anyone help me?? Can you use one wireless router to boost the signal of Sep 17, 2008

Connect wireless adapter to wireless router [Solved

Apr 18, 2014

Apr 15, 2020

Now connect to the router wirelessly. The default SSID will be dd-wrt , and you’ll need to set an admin username and password. Step 1: First, head to the Wireless section and click the Basic