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MIKROTIK NAT. This is a short howto explaining how to set up a full-NAT on a Mikrotik RouterOS. This setup allows you to hide (masquerade) your private IP address from a public network. This means, for example, that in your private network you can have whatever private IP you want which is then in turn translated to the public network IP given 11 Best MikroTik Tutorials and Training to Take in 2020 MikroTik LABS for Beginners. If you are lost on knowing how to configure a MikroTik Routerboard, … Learn MikroTik RouterOs Tutorials / Training - YouTube

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May 17, 2020 Tutorial - MikroTik SNMP Configuration [Step by Step]

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Creating a MikroTik Hotspot A Hotspot is way to provide wireless internet access to subscribers by means of an easy to use login interface. This gives the owner of the hotspot full control over download limitations, speed/bandwidth management, and billing. A hotel, coffee shop, or conference MikroTik - Steveocee All of both my written and video tutorials and downloadable files are provided free of charge to use as you like. I make them because I love MikroTik hardware and using the software, please bear in mind though websites aren’t free to run and whilst not compulsory, any … Basic guidelines on RouterOS configuration and debugging