2010-8-7 · Windows 系统 Mac系统 数据隐私保护 Windows 10/8/7 1.右键网络进入属性或者右键右下角的Inernet进入网络共享中心 如下图 点按“DNS”,然后点按“DNS 服务器”列表底部的添加 (+)。输入 DNS 服务器的IPv6 地址(240c::6666)

Get Started | Public DNS | Google Developers 2020-6-25 · You can configure Google Public DNS addresses for either IPv4 or IPv6 connections, or both. For IPv6-only networks with a NAT64 gateway using the 64:ff9b::/96 prefix, you can use Google Public DNS64 instead of Google Public DNS IPv6 addresses, providing connectivity to IPv4-only services without any other configuration. Change your DNS servers linux ipv6 dns_ipv6 dns linux_linux搭建ipv6 dns - … IPv6 socket编程下--实现篇 local_stack:dns_ip_stack); 其他编程问题建议大家认真看apple的文档supporting ipv6 dns64nat64 networks和rfc4038 - application aspects of ipv6 transition,里面很多事情都说清楚了,这里说下其他需要关注的地方。 Solved: Cisco ASA Split-DNS With Some IPv6 Clie - Cisco

解决“Win 10 ipv6无网络权限/无Internet连接权限” …

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DNS stands for Domain Name System. Windows comes with an option which stores the specified DNS server address and makes the TCP/IP stack use that IP address. It refers to this user-specified DNS service or gateway-specified service to resolve the domain name of a website to its IP address and load it in your web browser.

The IPv6 DNS server that was sending no response were my internal DNS servers. I tried nslookup google.com and it failed, saying it queried dnsnameserver.domain.local at its ipv6 address. I tried nslookup google.com (same internal DNS server's ipv4) and it failed as well.