Oct 21, 2017

Licence fee and funding - About the BBC Funding through the TV licence. A standard TV licence is currently £157.50. A TV licence is required if you: watch or record live TV programmes on any channel Do you need a TV licence to watch Netflix? - Radio Times May 27, 2020 BBC licence: What happens if you stop paying your TV Jun 14, 2019 Is it possible for a non UK citizen to buy a TV Licence

Originally Answered: How could you watch BBC iPlayer without a licence? If you're in the U.K. it will ask you if you have a TV license (as the law has recently changed to include VOD in the license fee).

How does the bbc know if you use iplayer with no TV licence However, if you’re away from home and plug one of these devices into the mains and use it to watch or record live TV programmes on any channel or device, or to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer, you need to be covered by a separate TV Licence at that address (unless you’re in a vehicle or vessel like a train, car or boat). iPlayer viewers must have TV licence but BBC can’t track The current licence fee is £144.50 per year. Viewers caught watching BBC iPlayer or live TV without a licence could be prosecuted and fined up to £1,000, plus legal costs. But, at this stage

If you don't have a TV licence they could technically ask your ISP. They keep your internet history too. They do not have to go anywhere near your house to find out you have been using the BBC

Do I need a TV licence?: 20+ TV licence fee tips - Money If you watch or record shows as they're being shown on telly in the UK ('live TV'), you need to be covered by a TV licence. You also need one if you use BBC iPlayer – see below.. What many may not realise is that this is the case regardless of the device you're watching on – according to research published by TV Licensing, over 31% of students don't know watching live TV on a mobile phone BBC iPlayer: New TV licence rules come into force - BBC News Sep 01, 2016