Aug 13, 2012 · The problem was my iMac and my iMac alone was not able to make a connection to the internet using Wi-Fi. I had an ip address subnet mask, router address etc. Tried the usual, unplugging network

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hi again john…. i tried a suggestion on one of the forums you linked to. boot up win 8 in safe mode with networking. did so. still could not connect. powered off win 8. logged onto the jetpack from my macbook. looked at settings. saw the connection to my mac. turned on the win 8 machine in regular mode. now it connects! i did not change any settings in win 8 or in the jetpack. restarted win8

[Solved] iMac won't connect to internet anymore using Aug 18, 2012

Aug 18, 2012

Oct 25, 2019 · Problem 4: I can’t connect to my VPN when in China. VPN problems are, unfortunately, to be expected in China. The country’s internet restrictions (collectively known as the Great Firewall) are some of the strictest in the world. All kinds of services are blocked including streaming services, news websites, and perhaps unsurprisingly, VPNs. If your Mac won't connect to Wi-Fi, or if your connection drops out for seemingly mysterious reasons, there are several solutions you can try.