Each website can have different port numbers or even different hostnames. Enable Personal Website. The personal website function is a convenient way to allow Synology DiskStation users to host their own personal websites. Each local user, domain user and LDAP user will have a unique website address.

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Which Synology NAS to host a website? : synology

I want to host a Laravel website on my Synology NAS. I have everything set up, and working. I've downloaded composer, created a project, forwarded all ports and it all works. But when I visit my website (laravel.something.nl) instead of seeing the correct page, my computer downloads the …

Set up DNS for the domain name to point to the Synology box for example if the box is called "synology-2.something.com" and if the blog will be "blog.something.com" then you will want to set up a CNAME so that "blog" maps to "synology-2.something.com" Create a subfolder for the web site ; Create a user which will be an FTP user for the folder.

Synology NAS Software Guide – Part 2 – Storage, Volumes Before creating a volume, you need to create a storage pool first.1 For Synology NAS models supporting the quick creation mode, you can create a volume and a storage pool at the same time and the Volume Creation Wizard will automatically optimize storage capacity and performance.2 For detailed instructions, please see DSM Help.