We’re here to help you speed up your internet on the cheap, and without having to spend a million hours figuring out how your router works. We’ve rounded up ten easy, cheap, and practical tips to get you a faster connection and stop the slow buffering.

Plug in an adapter near your router and connect it to your router via Ethernet cable. Plug in the second adapter in the room or area where you want coverage. From there, you can use another Jun 21, 2018 · The WRT32X gaming router from Linksys enables these settings by default, and if you're an Xbox fan, it has a router specifically made to prioritize the data coming in and out of Microsoft's latest Jul 11, 2018 · Your gaming devices and PCs use this router to connect to the internet. Most routers give you the option of using a wired connection through an Ethernet cable or a wireless connection through Wi-Fi®. If your gaming system is close to your router, a wired connection is fast and stable with fewer disconnections. Jan 28, 2019 · This is how to get cleaner faster route to your wifi router. Just by changing two simple settings, no gimmicks and it is totally FREE. Note to MAC users scroll down for instructions"

Jun 26, 2020 · The best gaming routers offer fast and reliable connections. It really is that simple. With Wi-Fi 6 support growing, and promising greater bandwidth to a greater number of devices, now is the

Oct 18, 2011 · Most everyone has a router, but not everyone knows how to make it work better. Here are some tips and tricks to get a little extra oomph out of the least sexy piece of tech you own. Oct 22, 2018 · A better, faster router can improve the connection from your ISP’s modem connection to your computer or console, either over Wi-Fi or with a more reliable Ethernet connection. But it can’t do anything about the connection going from your ISP’s server to the game server. Jul 09, 2020 · You can speed up your web browsing is by modifying the Domain Name System servers with tools like DNS Benchmark or namebench. Log in to your router as an administrator to make the change on multiple devices at once. You can also modify the DNS servers on each computer or device through network adapter or the Wi-Fi settings. Use a MoCA Device – Ethernet over Coax To get the fast and reliable connection needed for gaming, you may want to go fully wired. MoCA is a wired technology that allows you to connect your router to other devices in your home using the existing coaxial wiring in your walls.

Feb 03, 2018 · TP-Link Router set speed limit for other wifi users (guest network wireless settings) - Duration: 4:02. AGTinfo2U 254,173 views. 4:02. Is Your Internet FAST Enough? - Duration: 6:30.

Apr 23, 2018 · When you want to make your DSL connection faster all you have to do is connect your computer to the DSL line. Then you need to connect your computer to a second Internet connection. This could be a separate DSL line, a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot, a cable line, or even a satellite internet connection. Jun 11, 2020 · A good gaming router can help you get around these obstacles by not only providing plenty of ethernet ports for fast and stable speed but also by delivering fast Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or even Wi-Fi 6 Setting your Wi-Fi speed to 54 Mbps is going to result in actual speeds of around 20 Mbps to 23 Mbps, which is pretty much what you are seeing. Very seldomly should you ever set the Wi-Fi speed on the router to a setting lower than the maximum speed. So go back and crank it back up to the max.